Energy Efficient Appliance Experts

Energy efficiency and water conservation are important factors to consider when evaluating appliances. In addition to caring for the limited resources available to us, energy and water consumption have a great impact on our household expenses.

Energy Star Awards

Western Appliance has been promoting energy efficiency and the related benefits and cost savings since the first “energy efficient” appliances were released. Considering that your refrigerator (or refrigerators don’t forget extra refrigerators may have outside your kitchen) is plugged in and turned on 24 hours a day 7 days a week, even small efficiencies can have considerable benefits to overall costs and energy consumption. Clothes washers and dishwashers also use significant amounts of water (and energy to heat that water), and are also a big portion of the average household’s energy and water use and expense. Energy Star and the Department of Energy have honored Western Appliance with multiple awards over the years for educating the public about energy efficiency and for our work with energy efficient appliances. Again in 2016 we have been awarded Energy Star Partner of the Year through our affiliation with the Nationwide Marketing Group.

Partner of the Year

We work with the local utility companies to ensure we are well versed in the current rebates and incentive programs available to customers in our area. We also are able to process some rebates instantly in-store, as well as streamline recycling your old appliance.